Exciting Announcement…

TRG Imaging is to rebrand to Canopy Imaging starting with our new clinic in Kerikeri, opening 27 May 2024.


Why Rebrand?

Good question…

All of the business units in the Canopy Healthcare family (Canopy Cancer Care, TRG Imaging, Broadway Radiology, Auckland Breast Centre etc) are key players in the various healthcare areas they specialise in.  Our patients often pass through more than one of our services – without realising the relationship between the services.  


One of our key brand promises to our patients is to provide a seamless, integrated experience.   But have we been achieving this?


When we checked with patients, referrers and staff, we found inconsistency and even a little confusion.  Rebranding provides a solution to some of the feedback we received.


As you can imagine, this is no small task as we redesign everything from interior and exterior signage, stationery, and our digital assets including fancy new websites.  We will also be introducing some new socials too so keep checking for details.


While we build the real new website, we have a temporary site.  As the new signs go up, we will update canopyimaging.co.nz so you can check which of the clinics have changed from TRG to Canopy Imaging.